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DIY: Glam Pumpkins

By Mollee Shannon

Carving pumpkins for the porch is a time-tested Halloween tradition, but you don’t have to get your hands dirty this Halloween! Decorating pumpkins is a fun and far less labor-intensive activity that’s appropriate for all ages. From small table-top decor to large porch bling, these glam pumpkins will be the envy of your friends and neighbors! 

Painting Party 

One great way to decorate your pumpkins with no muss and no fuss is to use acrylic paint. These paints are cheap and come in just about every imaginable color! You can stick with a  traditional spooky halloween image, like a ghost, or you can even paint a jackolantern face on the front of your pupkin. If you want true glamour, paint your pumpkin with florals, or even a chevron pattern. Maybe you want to show some pride for your favorite football team! Buy paints in your favorite team’s colors and choose a wild pattern, or even paint the team’s emblem! If like me, you’re not super artsy, you can even choose a simple pattern, like polka dots. Cover the entire pumpkin in one color and then add polka dots in another or multiple colors! Painting is an easy and mess free way to get your pumpkins glammed up for that fall front porch, or a gourd basket centerpiece for your table! 

Glitter Gourds 

It is officially decorative gourd season, but we can have some extra fun decorating with glitter pumpkins! This is a great activity for the front porch, where you can feel that cool fall breeze! The major plus here is that clean up is as simple as sweeps excess glitter away instead of carrying it around inside the house.  Get creative with glitter! If you want an entirely glam pumpkin, paint one section of the pumpkin with school glue. Then, add glitter until you’re satisfied with the coverage and thickness. Cover the next section in glue and repeat. Doing this one section at a time prevents the glue from drying before you make it all the way around the pumpkin. If you have miniature pumpkins, you can easily cover it in its entirety. Or, glam up every other section of your pumpkin, or even alternate colors of glitter. Add a big bow to the stem, and you’ve got the most glamorous pumpkin those trick-or-treaters have ever seen! 

Wild With Washi Tape 

A super mess-free way to decorate a Halloween pumpkin is to use washi tape! Washi tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find just about anything to suit your tastes. The other great thing about washi tape is that it’s great for geometric patterns, like chevrons! Your local craft store should have an array of tapes to choose from and washi tape is relatively inexpensive. I do highly recommend washing and drying your pumpkin before attempting to use washi tape for decoration. Any dirt or debris on the pumpkin may prevent the tape from sticking the right way! 

Mixed Media Madness 

If you’re feeling really artistic, you can use multiple decoration methods for the glammest of glam pumpkins! One of my favorite methods is to paint the entire pumpkin in a solid color and then use glitter to create a monogram or family initial. It’s an adorable way to show some family pride! For extra sparkle, add some sequins down the lines of the pumpkin using hot glue, and your pumpkin will soon look just like Cinderella’s carriage, no fairy godmother necessary!  You can also paint your pumpkin and then use washi tape to make those perfect chevron lines. It’s much easier to keep those lines and patterns straight with tape than with a paint brush! The fun doesn’t have to stop there. Add a giant bow to the top of your pumpkin, or even find some adorable two-dimensional ornaments to place on the sides. Floral picks also make great pumpkin decorations! This time of year, you’ll be able to find woodland creatures, like foxes and birds, along with spooky picks like ghosts and witches! When it comes to glamming up pumpkins, the crafting world is at your feet! 

These are great activities for an individual or the whole family! Throw a painting party for your friends, or take some me-time to reawaken your artistic side! Either way, these glam pumpkins will brighten your day, literally!

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