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How to Throw the Most Memorable Halloween Party

By Dillon Wallace

Whether you’re a fan of all things macabre or just love an excuse to dress up, Halloween has something for everyone. And what’s a better way to celebrate these scary shenanigans than with a spook-tacular Halloween party?!


But where do you start? How do you make your soiree the perfect monster mash bash? Don’t worry boys and ghouls, we’ve got all the tips and tricks to make your Halloween party one hell of a scream.


Crank the Scare Factor

Chances are that if you’re having a Halloween party then you’re probably somewhat of a horror aficionado. But if you’re not, it’s still important to turn up the scare for your guests. After all, it is called the Day of the Dead for a reason.


That means hanging fishing line from the ceiling in the bathroom so it feels like cobwebs when guests walk in. It’s making your toilet and bathtub look like the shower scene from Psycho. Setting up a fog machine to maintain a thin layer of mysterious mist. Jell-O shots in syringes, etc. Little touches like this, especially if they relate to movies and pop culture horror, can really set the macabre mood.


Zombie Appetizers

If you’re throwing a party, then obviously food is going to be in the mix. Setting a spread on the table that looks like the innards of a zombie is both unsettling and super creative. Things like carrots cut like fingers, sausage links that look like intestines, buffalo dip that looks like brains, chicken thighs (well that’s self-explanatory), deviled eggs/sugar cookies that look like eyes … you get the point.


Dry Ice Fun

Halloween is the perfect holiday to play with dry ice. In fact, it might single-handedly be the biggest sales day of dry ice nationwide. But it’s foggy and hazy concoction can make anything look like witch’s brew. Put it in a punch bowl or make a signature cocktail out of it – possibilities are vast.


Pumpkin Everything

Obviously, you should have some Jack o’ lanterns carved and ready, but that’s just the tip of the pumpkin gourd. Pumpkin beer, pie, bread and more should be one of your most prominent flavors. It’s fall and Halloween. Nothing says October better than pumpkin spice.


Costume Party

Everyone should be in costume. Every. Single. Person. But just in case you’ve got some reluctant friends and family (you know who) that don’t like to dress up, give them an incentive – or don’t let them in. Throwing a costume contest and giving the winner(s) a prize could be just the boost you need to have some serious costume competition going on. You can even choose winners based on categories – most creative, best couple, scariest, funniest, etc.


Sweets Galore

They don’t hand out candy to trick or treaters for no reason. Halloween is the sweets holiday, so don’t forget to load up on the creative sweets and candy. That means everything from cake pop eyeballs, ginderdead cookies (yes, zombified gingerbread men), pumpkin donuts, velvet cake with white icing and melted red gummy bears to simulate blood – get creative with your desserts.


DIY Decorations

Who would have guessed that toilet paper rolls could be so versatile? Start saving them and using them to make hanging bats and other hanging décor. Cut eyes into them, put glow sticks inside, and place them in the bushes to create spooky eyes. You can even use the paper to wrap individual fairly lights, turning them into ghosts, and more.


Fire Pit & Scary Tales

Being as it’s mid fall, so weather permitting, a bonfire or fire pit is the perfect touch to your Halloween party. If you’re feeling really in the mood, print off some scary stories (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is always a classic) and take turn reading passages to each other.


Theme Party

Not sure what to do for your party? Give it a theme. If you’re feeling adventurous, go all out and create your own murder mystery party. Assign everyone a character, craft a story and watch as your friends turn on one another trying to find the killer … or killers.


Horror Movie Marathon

Not much beats getting into the Halloween holiday spirit than binge watching classic horror films. Whether you’ve got Friday the 13th playing in the background of your party or your party is specifically aimed at watching some of the great fright flicks of yesteryear, you and your guests are in for a terrifying treat.


Halloween may not be the biggest holiday of the year, but it can certainly be the most fun to host a party. Costumes, mayhem and everything in between can make your Halloween party one to die for …

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