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How to Have the Most Memorable Christmas Party This Year

By Shelby Burr

Looking to host the best Christmas party this year? As your guests come into town for the evening (or even the weekend), here are the top 5 things to make your Christmas party the most memorable of the year!


White Elephant

Bring a gift and steal a gift, this game is a classic party pleaser. Also known as Dirty Santa, everyone brings a gift, draws a number and opens in order from lowest to highest. Some people bring nicer gifts, such as gift cards or fun gadgets, while others bring gag gifts that will have the whole party laughing, such as a package or underwear or a hilarious hat.


Cookie Decoration Station

Set up a fun cookie decorating station in your home! Provide icing, sprinkles and cookies for your guest’s creativity to shine through! Plus, they can eat their Christmas filled creation immediately right after!


Christmas Song Guessing Game

Split into teams of 4-5, one person controls the music. Play each song for only 5 seconds (optional) and each team has an opportunity to guess what the title of each tune. If guessed correctly, you earn 5 points, if guessed incorrectly, you lose 3. Go around the room and if no one can guess, move on to the next song!


Favorite Things Gift Exchange

If you haven’t heard of this game, you’re in for a treat. Invite all of your friends and have them bring their favorite thing x 5. For example, if there’s a kind of chap stick you love, or your most favorite kitchen tool, purchase 5 of those exact things and bring them to the party. Create strips of paper and write everyone’s name on it 5 times on 5 individual strips. Everyone draws 5 names from a bucket at random and you’ll receive those people’s favorite things!


Ugly Christmas Sweater

Invite and encourage everyone to come in the most hilarious and unattractive sweaters they can find. This will perk up some fun conversation on how these sweaters were found, made and or passed through the years. Have everyone vote for the best Christmas sweater and give a fun gift: a gift card to a clothing shop to purchase an attractive sweater?

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