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5 Favorite and Memorable Thanksgiving Traditions

By Shelby Burr

Each year, as you and your family members / friends gather to celebrate the holidays, there is always that one tradition you look forward to each year. Whether it began recently or it has been a classic tradition for generations, your holidays are complete because of these family traditions.

During Thanksgiving, what are some of the traditions your family shares? Waking up at the crack of dawn to sit in line for Black Friday? Favorite board games? The same story you’ve heard a million times from your Uncle John? No matter the tradition, Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without it. Here are a few Thanksgiving traditions that create memories each year:



Who doesn’t love a plate full of food, a cold drink in one hand and a great football game on the big screen? This classic tradition can have the entire family involved! Even if your team of choice isn’t playing, you can still place bets and root for those playing on Turkey Day.


Macy’s Day Parade

While you’re cooking up that delicious meal, have the Macy’s Day Parade playing in the background. Marvel at the giant inflatables, the incredible dancers, performances by your most beloved celebrities and more! This is tradition is great for kids and the entire family will enjoy the great performances of this year’s parade!


Break the Wishbone

Your stomach is full and content, and the turkey has been picked through. Ah! But what’s this? The wishbone! This tradition is engaging and fun to see who gets the wish for this year’s Thanksgiving. Take the wishbone out of the turkey before cooking (this actually makes it easier to carve the turkey once cooked) and set the bone out to dry for a few days.

Once dry, it will be ready to crack! You may have to play a quick game of rock paper scissors to see who will battle who in the great breaking of the wishbone, but this tradition is great fun for all.


Thanksgiving Nap

Okay, you can’t deny this one. You just had the best meal of the year: extra 2 helpings of mashed potatoes, 4 rolls and 3 slices of pie. You’re ready for sleep after a meal like that. Give yourself the best snooze of the year with a traditional Thanksgiving Nap. Wake up rejuvenated and ready for leftovers!


Thanksgiving Movies

If you don’t feel like taking a nap, but wouldn’t mind laying low for a little (let your stomach digest), pop in a traditional Thanksgiving movie that your family loves. This can be any movie of your choosing, but here are a few ideas to try out this year:

  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  • Home Alone
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • Lord of the Rings (the entire series if you’re brave)
  • A Disney movie of your choice
  • Ferris Buller’s Day Off


These movies are the perfect wind down films to let your stomach rest, put on your favorite comfy socks and kick back.


Each tradition is special, cherished and will create memories for years to come with your friends and family. What’s your favorite tradition?

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