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Festive Halloween Decorating Ideas

By Dillon Wallace

There are two types of people in this world. Those that do everything in their power to not let the summer sun slip through their fingers, and those that turn to their closets for jackets and boots at the first hint of a cool breeze.

For the latter peeps, it means fall is here and so is Halloween season.


And before anyone tells you otherwise, if it’s okay to start decorating for Christmas in November, then it’s okay to start decorating for Halloween in September.


So, go hit up your local Spirit Halloween store, boys and ghouls, and let’s get to decorating for spooky szn with some truly spooktacular ideas.


Garage Haunted House

Might as well come out of the gate swinging for the festive fences. If you’re a huge Halloween junkie and just can’t get enough of the scary stuff, then this year, you should consider hosting a garage haunted house for the neighborhood kiddos. It’s amazing what some boxes, streamers, cobwebs, strobe lights and fog machines can do to turn your home’s parking spot into a mini house of terror.


Scary Movie Themed Rooms

One of, if not the best parts of Halloween is binge watching scary movies. But why just stop with watching them when they can make awesome home decor ideas. We all have bathrooms, right? Well, consider styling it like Hitchcock’s Psycho with bloody handprints on the shower curtain. You could even write “REDRUM” in erasable marker on the wall across from the mirror so that when you look at it in the reflection it reads “MURDER,” straight out of The Shining. And if you’re really feeling the spooky spirit, just paint the whole thing in streaks of crimson red, recreating Beverly’s bloody bathroom from IT.


Corpse Food Schmorgesborg

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, don’t just put the meat tray on the table all willy nilly. Consider making it into a food corpse. Use dip for the brains, sausages for the intestines, chicken breasts for the chest, and thigh meat for, you guessed it, the thighs. Think of it as a kind of meat scarecrow that you can eat. Even if the food isn’t on point, your presentation will be killer... 


Front Yard Graveyard

Lights and projection have come a long way over the years. During Christmas, people put up all sorts of projections, lights and inflatables. Now, you can exercise that same spooky spirit for Halloween. Get a bunch of foam tombstones and write “RIP” or “Here Lies” on them along with some plastic bones and maybe a cardboard coffin or two. Sprinkle the tombstones throughout the lawn, add some cobwebs and then really bring your front yard cemetery to life with projected skeletons as they rise from their graves.


Backyard Fire & Flick

What’s more appropriate for fall and Halloween than a good fright flick marathon? Better yet, a fright night marathon projected outside next to a fire pit with good company? With so many affordable video projectors nowadays and streaming services galore, watching your favorite scary movies on a brisk October night has never been easier. You could even have the projector playing on your garage door in the front yard on Halloween night. The perfect way to set the scary scene for trick or treaters.


Pumpkin Patch at Home

Nothing screams Halloween quite like a pumpkin, well a Jack o’ lantern, so consider turning your yard into a pumpkin patch. Get a bunch of gourds of various sizes and spread them throughout the lawn. Maybe even stuff a couple of scarecrows and stick them in the ground. If you really want to put some finishing touches on top, get some hay bales and corn stalks to make the whole thing feel really authentic. If you pass out cider to trick or treaters, then you’ve really crushed it.


However you decorate for Halloween is totally up to you, but hopefully this list will give you just the right fright ideas to make your house or Halloween party one to die for...

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