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Our Favorite Southtree Reviews

By Christian Roemer

Let’s imagine there’s someone you know. They spend all their time talking about how great they are. They tell you about how they saved a little kitten in the gutter from being swept away in a flash flood. They yammer incessantly about how many books they’ve read, famous people they’ve met, and countries they’ve visited. They won’t shut up about the time they single-handedly stopped a runaway train from falling off the end of a bridge with webs they slung out of their own arms.

Wait, maybe that last one was Spiderman.

The point is you can only hear someone talk about themselves for so long before you start rolling your eyes every time they mention how great they are. Sometimes you need someone else to give some corroborating evidence to prove they’re not just full of hot steam.

In the case of Southtree, you don’t need us to tell you all about how cool we are.

We’ve got a few thousand friends who have experienced what kind of service we offer, and the proof is in the pudding.

Here are some of our favorite reviews from and Sitejabber:


"I trusted them with the most precious videos I had. I laughed, cried and laughed even more! I watched people who are no longer with us and relived memories from 19 years ago. I can't thank you enough!"

Anthony E. 

I had worries about sending irreplaceable family memories off to strangers. Through four separate orders, with a total of over six hundred individual images, my experience with Southtree was excellent. The staff that I dealt with acted friendly and professionally at every contact. I would recommend Southtree without reservation to anyone. If you think this review sounds too good to be true, I don't exaggerate.”


“I have trusted south tree with precious 8 and 16 mm film that my mother had dating back to the 1940's. Sure did not want to lose these precious memories that our family wasn't even sure what was on them. South tree did not disappoint. Transactions were uncomplicated and communications were timely and professional. I have also used their services to convert cassettes. Equally satisfied. They are my #1 to go to and should be yours as well.”


"I am a big fan of Southtree transfer services. They have earned my confidence and respect by the way they care for their customers and the quality of the final product."


"Thanks to the efficiency of Southtree I now can see family pictures right now all the way back to 1960's. I trust this company completely with my treasures. The quality is just as great as the prices. Thank you Southtree."


"I have had 20 VHS tapes digitized. Great quality. I love the email updates so you know when they receive the tapes, when they start digitizing, etc. I highly recommend this company." 


"TERRIFIC! THE BEST. I could not be more pleased with the efficient, first class service I received throughout the entire process from mailing in my VHS tapes to receiving excellent quality DVDs and digital files. I highly recommend Southtree to one and all!"


"I had about 40 old tapes of various formats. I was expecting 40 seperate CDs but was pleasantely surprised when they were delivered to me on one thumb drive. Awesome !!!!!!!!!! I am sending more to be digitized. It is the only way to go."


"Years after taking these videos, this past Christmas was filled with so much laughter as we sat around watching videos of the kids when they were young!! We were in tears! So pleased!”


Excellent communication and good quality work. When I told them I lost the thumb drive after the job was done and delivered to me, they offered to the whole job again for free, charging only for the new blank thumb drive and postage. They managed to capture the audio from an old cassette tape which I was unable to play on my cassette player. I am very pleased.”

We’ve got tons more if you’re interested. We love digitizing your memories so that you can share them and watch them with family and friends. I mean, who even has a VCR anymore to watch those old birthday VHSs? Don’t lose the best times of your life to technological obsolescence. There’s no reason to when Southtree exists!

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