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The 10 Farmer's Markets to Visit in the USA

By Christian Roemer

Spring is in the air which means lovers will be going on romantic strolls, April showers will bring May flowers, and best of all, farmers markets are going to start ramping back up again. Shopping every weekend at the grocery store is fine, but sometimes you have to question how on earth you’re buying fresh strawberries in the middle of January. Also, there’s something slightly untrustworthy about seeing mangoes in the middle of November.

All of those uneasy feelings are gone when delicious produce is in season, and you’re buying it directly from the men and women who grow it. Getting your fruits, veggies, meats, and even breads from a farmers’ market is just tastier.

Unfortunately, not all farmers markets are the same, and some are better than others. This is our list of the best markets that you’ll find in the USA.


Portland State University Farmers Market

Portland is home to some wacky stuff, hippies, and general weirdness. This farmers market isn’t one of them. Over 200 vendors, year round shopping, and even cooking classes make it one of the best markets around.


Chattanooga Market

Even though we’re biased, we think that the Chattanooga, TN market is pretty amazing. Tons of vendors sell all sorts of homemade wares when they fill up a giant pavilion from April through November. Don’t leave without snagging a Thai tea.


Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

It makes sense that one of America’s greenest cities (San Francisco, CA) would also have one of the best farmers markets. Tons of produce comes out of California, and not a small amount of it ends up in this vibrant market


Green City Market

One of the US’s biggest metropolises, Chicago has tons of people to feed. The Green City Market has a rigorous application process to ensure that their vendors only sell the most quality foods.


Union Square Greenmarket

New York also has a pretty huge population, and around 60,000 of its residents shop at this sprawling market. It doesn’t just sell food either. It provides classes, waste recycling, and even live music.


Omaha Farmers Market

The coasts usually steal all of the glory when you’re talking about primo destinations. Omaha might be smack dab in the middle of the plains, but this farmers market makes this flyover country worth the visit.


Farmers Market of the Ozarks

One requirement to sell your wares in this market is that you have to grow the food within 150 miles of it. That means this is the place to go for true local produce...Springfield, MO.


Hope Farmers Market

You can get food basically anywhere right? That’s why a top farmers market should have other allures. The Austin Farmers Market combines all of the great produce of typical markets, but they add some authentic charm with local musicians filling the space with Austinite original music.


Atlanta Farmers Market

A good thing about living in the South is that there’s a ton of land to grow food, and it’s sunny most of the time. Atlanta is one of the country’s fastest growing cities, so this farmers market has plenty of mouths to feed.


Davis Farmers Market

As the major agriculture hub of the entire USA, California knows farming. The Davis Farmers Market knows markets. This awesome market has everything you could possibly want: food, music, handmade crafts, and much more.

Got any great farmers markets in your area that you want to tell us about? Let us know in the comments!

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