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The Most Visited Cities in the US

By Katy Sommerfeld

With summer rapidly approaching, it’s time to start planning the perfect getaway! If you are staying in the states for your trip, there are so many wonderful and exciting cities to visit that have something for everyone in the family. Of the most-visited cities in the United States, Orlando, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia are some of the best to spend your next vacation in, each offering exciting adventures and historical experiences that will create great memories for years to come.


1. Orlando, FL

Orlando takes the cake with more than 70 million visitors arriving annually to the home of the most famous mouse in the world. Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are Orlando’s greatest tourist attractions, welcoming more than 40,000 visitors daily to ride the thrilling roller coasters and experience their favorite movies coming to life in the parks. Orlando is also known for a great nightlife and restaurant scene, and its central location offers close access to many beaches.


2. New York City, NY

The big apple is home to 8.6 million people, making it the most populated city in the United States. Aside from the locals, NYC expects an average of 60 million visitors every year, making it one of the most visited cities in the country. There are endless things to do and see in New York City, and travelers come from all over the world to have the experience of a lifetime in the city that never sleeps. Take a trip on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, visit the Empire State building, take a long walk around Central Park, or see a Broadway musical - whatever you do in NYC, you’ll have a ball.

3. Chicago, IL

Known for deep dish pizza, Lake Michigan, and world-class architecture, Chicago boasts a total of 54 million visitors annually. A trip to Chicago is incomplete without visiting the famous “bean” structure and other public art exhibits at Millenium Park and Cloud Gate. Take the Chicago riverwalk along the coast of Lake Michigan which spans out farther than the eye can see. Make a stop at a baseball game downtown at Wrigley Stadium, and have the ultimate shopping trip at the boutiques and speciality shops in the city center.

4. Atlanta, GA

A bustling metropolis in the midst of the South, Atlanta sees around 50 million tourists every year that come through for business, relaxation, and thrills. The city hosts multiple museums, including a Martin Luther King Jr. historic site and a Civil and Human Rights Museum. The Georgia Aquarium and Atlanta Zoo are major tourist attractions and perfect for visiting families to spend the day observing beautiful wildlife. Boutiques and local restaurants offer a relaxing respite from the busyness of the city, and the historic Fox theatre provides classic entertainment year round such as Broadway shows and concerts.

5. Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is home to various historic sites and artifacts and expects around 41 million visitors annually who come to witness the places that are fundamental to the history of the United States. See the Liberty Bell and Congress Hall at Independence Hall, visit the Betsy Ross house, the President’s House Museum and more. One of the city’s biggest tourist attractions is the Eastern State Penitentiary, the supposedly haunted prison where Al Capone was incarcerated as well as many other notorious criminals. No matter what your interests are, Philadelphia has something for everyone.

Add these cities to your travel bucket list and you are guaranteed to have a blast! There is so much to do and see in all five cities, and each has a special culture and unique style. Wherever you go, make sure you make lots of memories and take even more photos and videos of your experiences! Vacation is all about spending time with loved ones and getting refreshed and rejuvenated. Document the time spent with the ones you love and you’ll be able to relive the memories for a lifetime.

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