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Things to do at Home With the Kids

By Christian Roemer

Are we still in lockdown? What month is it? What day is it? WHAT YEAR IS IT?!?

I can’t remember a time when time seemed so strange. Days are all bleeding together. I’m running out of things to clean. I’m tired of flipping through the same cookbooks. Quarantine has been a struggle for all of us.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be this way!

Like the Buddha said, we all create our own reality--or was it Kant? Somebody said it. In any case, happiness comes from within, so good spirits are a must. Just because we’re locked indoors, doesn’t mean we have to be confined to sadness and boredom. There are plenty of fun things to do in the confines of the home. Here’s a quick list of 20 fun things to do with your kids at home without breaking the bank.


Build a Pillow Fort! Low cost and low maintenance, pillow forts are awesome, cushy memories waiting to happen!


Play Uno - Almost everyone has this lovable card game at home. Play together!


Learn Chess - This classic strategy game is a great way to keep the mind sharp. Maybe the next Grandmaster lives under your roof!


Make a music video - We have easy access to cell phones and video editing software. Make your very own quarantine music video!


Dress up the dog (or cat) - Our pets are just as bored as we are. Why not give them a makeover. I’m sure they’ll love it!


Cut onions together to see who cries the least - This is the worst idea I’ve ever had. No one should do this, but then again, if you’re all out of ideas...


Play monopoly - If you start now, the quarantine might be over by the time you finish.


Learn Rummy - I think this is a card game? I think I knew how to play it at some point in my life. Why not brush up?


Plant some herbs - Oregano, basil, dill--it’s your choice! Grow some tasty, organic, zesty herbs.


Cook together - Use those herbs to make some delicious meals. Cooking is a great skill for anyone to learn. If you don’t know how to cook already, you and the kids can learn together!


Deep clean the house - Life isn’t always sunshine and roses. Might as well clean while you’re stuck at home.


Play hide and seek - This game is a classic. Play in the dark for extra hilarious shenanigans.


Rearrange the furniture - There’s no quicker way to make an old space feel new than doing a little furniture rearrangement. Get creative!


Have a fashion show - Why not dust off the catwalk? Have some fun wearing the stuff you never wear anymore, because your sweatpants have basically grafted to your skin at this point.


Learn an instrument - Another great skill to take with you post-quarantine, it’s the perfect time to bust out the ole acoustic guitar. What else are you going to do? Knit?


Learn to knit - Apparently knitting is quite therapeutic and meditative. Make some socks, gloves, hats, or more!


Make Slime - Slime is gross, icky, messy, and perfect to keep kids entertained for hours. We have a great recipe on our blog!


Go on a Spongebob marathon - Anyone who says they don’t like Spongebob has never watched Spongebob. There are 12 seasons plus a couple of movies to entertain you for a while. Get busy!


Rewatch Disney classics - Mulan is a top 5 movie for me. Emperor’s New Groove? Classic. Why not watch some of the greatest movies ever made as a family


Read a book - Technology doesn’t have to be at the center of everything. Reading is a peaceful way to pass the time. It’s also a great habit to cultivate.

There you go! 20 easy, low-cost activities to do with your family while stuck in the great indoors. Got more suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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