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Tips to Refresh Your Office Space

By Dillon Wallace

When the world seemingly shut down in 2020 because of the pandemic, people were forced to find ways to turn their homes into their new offices. While a lot of things have returned to our previous ways, working from home is definitely a check mark in the new normal column. 


Over the past year and a half, companies across the world have learned firsthand that work – effective work at that – can be done from the comfort of employees’ homes. Whether your home office is an actual office room, the comfort of your living room or the unfinished part of your basement, work is getting done and employers have taken notice as remote work seems to be here to stay.


So, if remote work is indeed here to stay, what are some tips to refresh your office – whether you’re at home or physically back at work?


Hit the reset button

One of the best ways to go about livening up your office space is to start all over. Think of it as a spring cleaning of sorts as you go through and remove unnecessary documents, clutter and old knick-knacks that you didn’t even know you had or why you had them in the first place. This will give you time to assess each item on your desk and in the surrounding area, giving you a clean slate for thought and productivity to thrive.


Add some greenery

There’s a reason why so many people use plants in their home decor. They’re pretty, they bring a little of the outside, inside, and they give off some welcomed oxygen love. By adding some desktop succulents, cacti, snake plants – whatever greenery of your choice – to your office can help create room for a little more zen and a little less stress.


Express yourself

As human beings we all love different things and have different hobbies and interests. If your current office space – home or work – is your cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill blank space, then you’re probably not going to enjoy spending your time there. So, express yourself by decorating the space! If you love LEGOs, display your prized collection. If you’re a sports enthusiast, show your team pride. If you love art, hang your favorite pieces. If you … well, you get the picture. Just make your space feel like your space.


Get comfortable

That non-back supported couch and coffee table combo isn’t doing your posture any favors. Neither is that office chair from before the millennium. Where you work for eight or so hours a day should be a zone of comfort. Get yourself an ergonomic sitting/standing desk, a wrist rest for your keyboard, even if it’s just as small as a lap blanket if you tend to run cold. After all, work can be stressful enough, you don’t need your uncozy office space adding to the discomfort. 


Change of scenery

Want to know the best way to refresh your office space? Make multiple locations your “office space.” Having a designated office with all your tools, tech (dual monitors are life!) and other handy resources are necessary, but that doesn’t mean you have to be confined to only that space. It’s 2021, and how we work is transforming as much as where we work. Make anywhere your office space, from the coffee shop down the street to your shaded patio on a beautiful day to a communal workspace downtown. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done when you change things up a bit.

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