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Types of Photo Slides

By Katy Sommerfeld

At Southtree, we digitize all kinds of analog media, ranging from photos to tapes, to films, to audio. There are lots of different brands and sizes of each format that we transfer, and sometimes it can be difficult for our customers to determine which brand or size they have. 

When it comes to photo slides, there are many different sizes. Let’s take a look at the various types of photo slides and see what’s different about each one!

35mm slide

The 35mm slide is the most common type of slide. This is the slide format that we have the ability to transfer here at Southtree! It is a 35mm square photographic positive image on a transparent base, stored in a cardboard sleeve. 35mm slides are meant to be projected for viewing purposes. 35mm film can be used in a variety of cameras.

126 slide

The 126 slide is similar to the 35mm slide except in size. This slide got its name for its intended 26mm square image, although the dimensions of the image are actually 28x28mm. When Kodak first released the 126 slides, they were in plastic frames instead of the cardboard frames that 35mm slides were produced in. 

127 super slide

The film itself in a 127 super slide is 48mm wide, putting it between the 35mm and 120 medium formats in size. This format was introduced by Kodak in 1912 to go along with their folding vest pocket camera, one of the most portable cameras on the market at the time. 

120 slide

The 120 slide format was introduced by Kodak in 1901 for the release of their Brownie No. 2 camera. 120 film is one of the only remaining medium formats available for photographers to use today. 

110 slide

The 110 slide uses 110 film, and these slides were produced with Kodachrome until 1982. If you have 110 slides at home, these are some of the rarer slide formats, so hold onto them!

Ready to relive those memories that have been hiding on your old slides? Send them into Southtree for digitization! We’ve got the right slide scanning equipment to make your 35mm slides, look perfect. There’s nothing better than reminiscing about the past with your loved ones, and it’s important to make sure that your photos, tapes, and films are preserved for years of enjoyment. 

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