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Unique Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

By Elaine Elliott

Between weddings and birthdays, there is always an occasion that calls for a unique gift. To stand out from all the other gifters, check out these useful presents that will put a smile on your loved one’s face. Whether they love artwork or need a new hobby, we have an option for everyone!


Personalized Piece of Artwork

A custom gift will be cherished forever! A lot of local artists or Etsy artists will make tailor made pieces for their clients. You could get plate designs with your friend’s pet, give your loved one a watercolor painting of his or her new home, have a jewelry maker design a birthstone piece, or have an artist do a rendition of an old family portrait. Your loved one will love the gift, and local artists will appreciate the opportunity to do a commission.


Digitized Memories

Does your family have a lot of analog photos and videos stored in the closet or basement? Digitize your memories with Southtree to ensure this media is archived and protected for future generations. Once all your media is digitized, you can make family slideshows to share with the whole family (either in-person or online!). You can also use the digital copies to print out more photos for arts and crafts projects such as personalized ornaments and mugs. The options are endless once your memories are digitized, and your family will be grateful to have these keepsakes online.


Handy Kitchen Appliances 

There’s always that one appliance in your kitchen that you can’t live without now that you’ve used it. Unless your loved one is a baking blogger or chef, odds are there is something missing in his or her kitchen! Some options are instant pots, rice cookers, hot pots, air fryers, waffle makers, and slow cookers. Such gifts can spark inspiration and lead to new family recipes for everyone to enjoy.


Modern Board Games 

Everyone has heard of Scrabble and Monopoly, but dozens of new games have come out in the past years that are just as much fun! No one can ever have too many games at home, especially if they have kids or rent out an AirBnB. Some of the more contemporary games such as Catan, Chameleon, Code Names, and Coup would make for a unique gift for any age group.


Kombucha or Beer Starter Kit

Has your friend or family member ever talked about how they want to take up a new hobby? Making homemade kombucha or beer is a fun way to save money and get creative. But a lot of people delay such hobbies because the starter kits or initial equipment can be an investment. That’s why this is a great gift for a loved one who keeps saying they want to concoct DIY brews.


Subscription Box

There is a subscription box for literally everything! Does your giftee love trying new international snacks? Is she always looking for new makeup? Does he love the latest fitness trends? Or maybe she’s thinking about trying new CBD products? There are subscription boxes for all these interests and plenty more. Some noteworthy subscription boxes to check out include FabFitFun, Atlas Coffee Club, Therabox, Universal Yums, Ipsy, and Winc.

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