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Unique Gifts for Mother's Day

By Elaine Elliott

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we have some great DIY gift ideas to share.

If you think mom is tired of receiving clothes and chocolates, think outside the box with creative presents.

She’ll love these gifts because each one is crafted with love and intention.


DIY Zen Garden


In times of uncertainty, everyone could use a personal Zen garden! Have your imagination run wild with this simple yet creative gift.


The perfect Zen garden will start with a level base such as an appetizer plate or a flat container. Fill it with arts & crafts sand and a few rocks or gemstones (bonus points if the stones are from a special place such as a family beach vacation or mom’s backyard). You can also use air plants or a miniature Buddha for decoration. Last but not least, don’t forget to add a rake so mom can groom the sand anytime she’s stressed or anxious.


Customized Family Coloring Book


Adult coloring books have been trendy for a while, but now more than ever they serve a purpose for de-stressing. Did you know coloring helps relax the fear center of the brain by encouraging quietness and thoughtfulness?


You could always get mom a coloring book from the store, or go the extra mile with a personalized book using family photos! First, you’ll need to digitize mom’s favorite photos in order to upload them to a photo editing program. Adobe Suite and Pixlr both have tutorials on how to convert digital photos into black and white outlined images. Once you have your graphics completed, use a printing business to arrange the coloring pages into a finalized book.


If you don’t want to pay for editing software, you can always hire a freelance graphic artist to help you with the project. A lot of artists are out of work right now and would appreciate the support!


DIY Thieves Oil Antibacterial Bottle


Hand sanitizers and aerosols are all the rage right now, so thieves oil would be a great gift to add to mom’s cleaning closet. The concoction is easy to make at home and typically includes a blend of vinegar, rosemary, citrus, eucalyptus, clove, lemon, and cinnamon essential oils. The disinfectant properties of vinegar along with this fragrant mix of essential oils were first used to fight off germs during the Black Plague in the 1300s. Nowadays, thieves oil is a multipurpose formula for cleaning counters, gargling for a sore throat, adding to dish soap, repelling bugs, and more.


This formula is super easy to craft at home. Add several drops of each essential oil to a vinegar base in a spray bottle and finalize the present with a cute label.


DIY Scrapbook


Take a trip down memory lane with mom! Curating a meaningful scrapbook will bring her and future generations joy. We suggest surprising her by finding old photos from her childhood she may have forgotten about a long time ago. You can also email your uncle, aunt, grandparents, or dad to get other photos from the family archive. If you use polaroids or prints, be sure to digitize your photographs to keep the original copies intact. Once you have digital files, go crazy with cutting and gluing images into the scrapbook without having to worry about losing the only copy.


Pro Tip: keep a few pages in the back of the scrapbook blank to you and mom can keep adding new memories to the keepsake!


DIY Stepping Stones


With so much time spent at home these days, a lot of people are sprucing up their yards and completing home improvement projects. This DIY craft gives you an excuse to work on an outdoor craft, plus your mom will cherish these adorable garden stepping stones.


Creating stepping stones is easier than they look. After stirring the cement mixture, you can pour the mixture into a cake pan and add an arrangement of glass gems or sea glass to the top while the cement is still wet. For a full list of steps, check out these DIY stepping stone instructions.


If you always find yourself breaking china in the kitchen, DIY stepping stones are a great excuse to use the broken glass as décor within the design!

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