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What is a "Piece (PC)"?

By Christian Roemer

As you’ve been perusing around Southtree’s website, you’ve probably seen a bunch of references to Pieces. You might be scratching your head a little bit about what that means. Have no fear! I’m here to let you know exactly what we’re talking about when we talk about Pieces (PCs).

When you place your order for Southtree’s digitization services, one of the things that you tell us is how much stuff you’re looking to get digitized. Our pricing is based on how much media you send us, and pieces is how we calculate it.

Pretty straightforward so far.

Things get a little bit complicated because not every piece of home media is made equally. For example, it takes a lot longer to digitize a VHS tape than it does to scan a single picture, right? We agree, which is why we created different designations of “Pieces” based off of the type of media we’re talking about. That sounds really confusing, so here’s a handy chart that shows what I’m talking about.

Type of Media


1 Piece (PC)

Tapes (e.g. VHS tape, MicroMV, etc.)

1 Tape

1 Piece

Film Reel (e.g. Super8, 8mm, etc.)

1 Reel

1 Piece

Audio Tape (e.g. cassette tape)

1 Tape

1 Piece


50 Photos

1 Piece


50 Negatives

1 Piece


50 Slides

1 Piece


So what are we trying to say in this table? Most types of video and audio media count as one piece. A VHS tape is one piece, an audio cassette tape is one piece, and a Super8 film reel is one piece. Photos, slides, and negatives are a little bit different. Instead of having each photo count as one piece, they’re grouped into lots of 50. So a collection of 50 slides is one piece. 50 negatives is one piece.

You get the picture.

When you’re shopping around on our site, you might be wondering how to calculate how many pieces you’re looking to get digitized. If you get confused about how to calculate how many pieces something is, think of this handy phrase: 1 if it moves, 50 if it’s still.

Not too bad, right?

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