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Your New Favorite Spring Playlist

By Haley Johnson

Spring is in the air, which means music should be in the air too! The arrival of warm weather means it’s time to turn up the volume and make a new playlist for all your spring and summer activities.

From rocking out to jams in the garden to blasting music on car rides, every occasion needs a good beat.  

Check out these latest hits from your favorite artists. Each song deserves a spot on your updated playlist!


“As It Was” by Harry Styles


Already a radio hit, the newest single by Harry Styles will definitely be on everyone’s next playlist!


“The Lightning I, II” by Arcade Fire


Arcade Fire came out with a new album called WE earlier this month. This song has an exhilarating beat for car rides with the windows rolled down. 


“I’ll Love You Till the Day I Die” by Willie Nelson


This country love song is the first tune listed on Willie Nelson’s newest album A Beautiful Time. His 72nd solo studio album was released on his 89th birthday on April 29, 2022.


“La Fama” by Rosalía 


For a bit of Latin flare, look no further than Rosalía. This song is especially popular since The Weeknd is featured.


“Black Summer” by Red Hot Chili Peppers


A blend of rock and funk is characteristic of RHCP’s newest album Unlimited Love


“Pull Up” by Koffee


Koffee was the first woman and youngest person to ever win a Grammy for Best Reggae Album. The Jamaican artist won her award back in 2020 and just recently posted this new song.


“Free” by Florence + The Machine 


With an album name like Dance Fever, you know it must be catchy! As always, Florence + The Machine doesn’t disappoint. 


“Wild Child” by The Black Keys


This upbeat song by the English band is on their new album Dropout Boogie


“Denim & Rhinestones” by Carrie Underwood


Looking for a song that mingles country and pop together? Carrie Underwood’s latest single will be released on a full album in early June.


“Say Nothing” by Flume


This is already one of the promising songs being released on Flume’s newest album Palaces. It’s the electronic artist’s first album since 2016. Don’t forget to check out the very intriguing and visually appealing music videos from this album too.

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