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5 Great Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

By Dillon Wallace

One of the biggest debates every Christmas centers around the holiday’s most iconic symbol – the tree.


Are you a spruce, pine or fir believer – a real tree enthusiast?

Do you love your fake yet reliable green tree?

Or maybe you’re one of the fake silver lovers?

Do you string lights or buy one with lights already built-in?

Do you go with fake frost or not?


And these are just scratching the surface to the on-going debates …


After all, no one can have it all, but you can figure out which style fits your Christmas spirit. So in honor of the Christmas tree debate, here are five great ways to decorate your tree this holiday.


The Neon tree

Want to really make a Christmas statement this year?! The neon tree is a vibrant take on the traditional pine that just screams playful spirit. If you’re looking to catch some eyes and turn some heads with your guests this Christmas, then the funky feel of the neon tree will definitely spruce up the holiday cheer.


The Frosted Tree

There’s nothing more beautiful on Christmas than the sight of fresh snow frosting tree branches, creating the perfect winter wonderland scene. So why leave that picturesque scene up to the finicky chance of snowy weather? With a frosted tree, you can bring that fresh snow-glazed look into the comforts of your own home. String up lights, add ornaments – do whatever – and it will only add to the allure.


The Nostalgia Tree

Big generic bulbs and ornaments have their time and their place, but not on this tree. The nostalgia tree is that tree decorated with ornaments that carry sentimental value: A baby’s first Christmas, old elementary school craft projects, travel souvenirs, gifts from friends and family, pictures of lost loved ones and other family photos – and everything in between. It’s a tree, that when fully decorated, hits you right in the feels and makes you realize what the holiday is all about.


The Ribbon Dancer Tree

Sometimes lights and ornaments just aren’t enough. That’s when ribbons (even bows) draped around the tree can help really pull the look together and put it over the top. Go single ribbon, double it up in a nice intertwined weave, try black and white or go full color – the options are aplenty.


The Muted Minimalist Tree vs. The Colorful Cheer Tree

If your home décor is more of a modern minimalist motif, then you’re probably looking to decorate your tree with uniform ornaments and vintage gold string of lights. It’s a classic look that will forever withstand the test of time. However, if you’re looking to add a little color to your tree and home, then ornaments of all colors and finishes paired with a vibrant string of red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple lights is the way to go.


That’s the beauty of the Christmas tree debate – there is no right or wrong answer. Whther it’s a real tree or a fake tree, colorful or muted, it’s whatever puts you in the holiday spirit.


And if you like more than one of these tree decorating options, remember … no one said you could only have one tree.

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