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Create Memories with these Unique New Year's Resolutions

By Shelby Burr

Whenever the New Years approaches, have you ever noticed that New Year's resolutions Exercise more, eat less, eat more greens, etc. are all great and dandy, but why not make your resolutions more intriguing?

If you want to make this year memorable, why not have your resolution leave a lasting impression on your life entirely? Here are 25 awesome resolutions that you should try this year:

  1. Try 10 different foods you've never had
  2. Travel to 3 different beaches
  3. Finally get that haircut you've been dying to try (hair grows back!)
  4. Give 10 compliments to others per day
  5. Set aside an hour a day to be outside
  6. Stretch every night before bed
  7. Be more intentional with your relationships: more coffee dates with your friends!
  8. Call your relatives to say hi once a month
  9. Designate a few hours a week to focus on your hobby (painting, running, design etc.)
  10. Visit the library once every two weeks
  11. Find 5 new restaurants and give them a try
  12. Clean out your closet and donate your clothes to an organization!
  13. Declutter - time to keep what matters and chuck what doesn't
  14. Learn how to play an instrument
  15. Plan a vacation to your dream place and go, go, go!
  16. Start a blog
  17. Learn one new word per day and use it on the same day
  18. Read 10 books
  19. Stop Procrastinating - time to get stuff done!
  20. Challenge yourself: don't purchase any new clothes for the entire year
  21. Be more grateful for what you have
  22. Drink more water - your body will love you for it
  23. Compliment yourself in the mirror 10 times every morning - you deserve it and you'll be more positive!
  24. Sit and breathe for 5 minutes each day
  25. Plan a weekend get a way to a small town you've been wanting to visit


As you plan for your New Year's resolution, make the most of it! These fun resolutions will create great memories for years to come and will leave you with a positive out look on doing more, rather than restricting yourself from having a good time.

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