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DIY: 4th of July Crafts

By Mollee Shannon

With Independence Day on the horizon, you’re sure to be planning a picnic to remember with your family, friends, and neighbors. These DIY crafts will help you be picnic-ready and are sure to be crowd pleasers! Your guests will be impressed with the charm and simplicity of these crafts!

Snap Crackle and Pop Station

What you’ll need: 3 mason jars, ribbon or twine, chalkboard paint, a piece of chalk, miniature bottles of bubbles, snaps, and sparklers.

Gather three old mason jars, or even glasses lying around your kitchen. Next, grab a small bottle of chalkboard paint. On the front of each jar, paint your preferred shape, whether it be an oval or rectangle, and if you’re feeling fancy, add some flourishes to the corners of your shape! When your chalkboard has tried completely, you’ll need a piece of chalk. White is easiest to read, but if you’re feeling colorful, a piece of blue or red chalk will do! On your newly painted chalkboards, add “Snap,” “Crackle,” or “Pop” to the jar. To add a bit more pizazz, tie some festive ribbon around the rim of the jar, or for a real picnic look, you can use some burlap twine! Before your guests arrive, fill your “Snap” jar with fun firework snaps your more youthful guests are sure to love! Fill your “Crackle” jar with sparklers for the big fireworks show! Finally, fill your “Pop” jars with miniature bottles of bubbles for the little ones in attendance, or those who prefer not to participate in the fireworks. Your “Snap, Crackle, and Pop” Station is sure to keep your guests entertained throughout the evening!

“Stars and Stripes” Burlap Cutlery Bags

What you’ll need: Small burlap drawstring bags; red, white, and blue paint; your choice of cutlery

If you plan to set places for each of your guests, these patriotic cutlery bags will give your place settings a whimsical charm! You can purchase a set of small burlap bags with drawstrings at your local craft store. On each bag, paint a simplified American flag, with your red white and blue paint. Paint pens are a good alternative to paint and a brush. To keep the process quick and easy, paint one large white star over a navy square for the “stars” section of your “stars and stripes” bags. When your bags have dried, you can insert your cutlery, whether it be flatware or plasticware! Place a fork, spoon, and knife in each bag, utensil-end up. Draw the strings tight around the cutlery. Avoid tying the strings so guests can easily pull their cutlery from their bags at mealtime. You can place your adorable and utilitarian bags beside the plate, or on a patriotic napkin placed on top of the plate itself! These simple bags will delight your guests and can be reused for other patriotic holidays, like Memorial Day and Veterans Day!

No-Sew Bandana Cushion Covers

What you’ll need: Red and blue bandanas; yarn or twine

If you’d like to decorate but don’t want to spend a fortune, you can create these quick and simple no-sew bandana seat cushions for your patio furniture! These will add a festive appeal to your outdoor seating! For each of your square patio cushions, purchase a red and blue bandana from your local craft store, along with some white yarn or brown twine. Unfold and place the red bandana on a flat surface. Place your patio cushion on top and pull the straight edges of the bandana over the edges of the cushion. Next, unfold and place the blue bandana on top of the patio cushion. Finally, take your yarn or twine, gather the bandanas together at each corner of the cushion, and tie your yarn or twine around the fabric. Tying a knot and then a bow will help keep the bandanas in place. Completing this final step will secure the bandanas to the cushion, making an adorable seat cover! Alternate the placement of your cushions to create a red and blue pattern in your seating! This is an easy way to decorate, and the best part is the clean-up is painless! Simply cut or pull the ties from the corners of your cushions, fold up your bandanas, and save them for next year.

Craft with Family and Friends  

These quick and easy crafts will be a fun way to prepare for your Independence Day gathering. Have a friend, family member, kids, or grandkids help with these fun activities for an even more exciting DIY experience!

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