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Do I Get my Originals Back?

By Christian Roemer

Continuing our series of frequently asked question type blog posts, this week features an inquiry that we get all of the time: do you get your original photos and videos back once we’re done digitizing them? It’s actually a great question, and it’s a top concern for folks that are looking into getting their analog memories digitized. The good news is that the answer is really short and painless.

Yes, we send every single memento back to you in the same condition that you sent it to us. Here’s how we do it.

When you place an order for our digitization services, you have to select a few things. You’ll tell us what and how much you’re sending to us. Once we get your order, we send you a special Southtree box that has all sorts of neato stuff inside.

First, you'll find our Welcome Guide. The Welcome Guide is a step-by-step guide for how to safely pack up and send in your items. In the box, you will also find special barcodes that we print out just for your order.

These barcodes are important for a few reasons. First, they help us identify everything you’re sending to us. Second, they help us keep track of everything when it makes it to our warehouse. Most importantly, each barcode helps us update your order in real-time on our online tracking tool. That means that every time your photos, videos, or film go through a machine, get unpacked, or re-packed into a box, you’ll know about it.

Once we’ve run all of your memories through our special digitizing machines, we pack everything back into your box and send them back to you. We don’t keep a single thing. We don’t make copies of anything, we don’t hide any of your stuff, heck, we don’t even look at it. We just pack it up and send.

They’re your memories, after all!

The photos and videos that you take of loved ones throughout your life are some of the most valuable possessions a person can have. Even though they don’t have a monetary value, they represent something bigger and more special. We treat your memories with the utmost care, because we know how amazing they are. We have priceless photos, videos, and films too, and we know how we’d want someone to treat them.

That’s why we send you a special box, provide unique barcodes, and keep you updated the whole time. From the time that you put your photos, videos, and film reels into the box until the time you get them back into your hands, we keep you updated.

And we always make sure to send everything back just how we got it.

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