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Fall Traditions to Take Part in This Year

By Katy Sommerfeld

It’s time to say goodbye to the beach and summer barbecues and hello to pumpkins and wool sweaters, folks! Fall is almost here, and the hints of Halloween and pumpkin spice lattes are teasing us and making us long for colder days and warm, cozy comfort. The fall season makes us want to be closer to loved ones and drives us to appreciate the simple things in life. It’s a calm introduction to the crazy holiday season, and it’s the best time of year to focus on relaxing and enjoying the slower moments in life. 

Fall is my absolute favorite season, and I think I can make it yours, too, with these amazing fall traditions! Whether you like being outside to take in the beautiful autumn leaves or going to fall-themed festivals, there are so many great tradition ideas you can participate in that will make the most of the wonderful fall season.


Host a bonfire

Fall is the perfect season to host a bonfire! Invite all your friends over, get the smores ingredients out, spike some apple cider, and you’ve got the recipe for the perfect fall party.


Go on a hayride

Hayrides are the quintessential fall activity. Grab a loved one and snuggle up next to them while you ride around the beautiful autumn countryside.


Choose the perfect pumpkin at a pumpkin patch

It’s so fun to go pumpkin picking! Find a local pumpkin patch and take a trip to find the biggest, goofiest, or most beautiful pumpkin to decorate your home with.


Carve a pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is such a fun, easy, and affordable fall activity, and you can make it into a party! Ask all your friends to bring a pumpkin, set some newspaper down, and get to carving.


Pick apples at an orchard

Apple orchards are so peaceful, and because September and October are the prime apple-picking months, the apples you’ll pick at an orchard will taste amazing. Pick up a jug of homemade apple cider while you’re there!


Try your way through a corn maze

Corn mazes can provide hours of fun for you and your friends during the fall! Make it a race and try to beat your friends to the finish line - whoever gets out last is a rotten pumpkin!


Get scared in a haunted house

There’s nothing spookier than a haunted house! If you’re up for a thrill, get a group of friends together and make your way past the ghosts and ghouls. You’ll have so much to laugh about once you escape!


Go to a fall festival

There are so many fall-lovers out there, which is why there are so many fall festivals around this time of year! Just search online for a fall festival near you, and you’ll find at least a couple that will have something up your alley. You can usually find artisan crafts and goods at fall festivals, and maybe even engage in some fun fall games like bobbing for apples!

These are just a few ideas to make this fall the best ever. What other fall traditions have you done in the past? If you have pictures, tapes, or films of fall memories, make sure you get them digitized with Southtree. The fall season is so special, so fall memories are even more special than memories made at other times of the year! Check out Southtree’s digitization packages today. 

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