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Great Ideas for an “At Home Movie Theater”

By Dillon Wallace

Make every night feel like going to the movies


Going to the movies is a past time that everyone can relate to. And although it’s changed quite a bit over the decades with online seat reservations, comfy recliner seating and 3D, UHD, XD (and any other D formats), much of it still holds true to tradition – popcorn, snacks, soda and a huge friggin’ screen.


But when you’ve got a family or a large group to coordinate, going to the movies isn’t always the easiest outing to plan – or the cheapest. But who says you have to go the movies to have the full cinema experience? Get ready for a great DIY Movie Night!


Check out these great ideas for an “at home movie theater,” so you can bring the movie theater to your home theater.


Movie Mood

What’s the one thing that all movie theaters have in common? Okay, other than the big screen. And popcorn. It’s the ambience. That’s right, lowering the lights in your home and getting comfortable in a cozy seat can help you set the proper theater-going tone.


Perfect movie mood movie: Anything scary


Snack Attack

What’s a movie theater experience without something to munch on? Sure, a large soda and a bag of M&M’s may not be the healthiest options around, but they’re engrained in the movie watching experience. They’re the peanut butter to its jam. The spaghetti to its meatballs. Plus, a little extra sugar may just help you keep from nodding off while you’re reclined in your comfy, seat and dark setting. Hey, it happens to the best of us – even during the most exciting of movies.


Perfect snack movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory



Umm … enough said. It’s a staple. But if you really want to be authentic, pick up one of those old-fashioned popping machines.


Perfect popcorn movie: All of them


Theme It Up

This may not be the same as a premiere showing of Harry Potter where all the die-hard fans dress up like their favorite Hogwarts wizards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun movie role play. And hey, if dressing up isn’t your thing, then consider a themed dish or snack. Gummy worms and carrots cut like fingers for scary movies. Pizza and Pepsi for Home Alone. Your own butterbeer concoction for Harry Potter. You get the idea.


Perfect theme movie: Harry Potter


Blanket fort for the W-I-N!

If you’ve got kids, then they’re a perfect excuse for a blanket fort movie night. If you don’t have kids, who cares because blanket forts are nostalgically awesome. Pop in your favorite throwback flick and craft your very own blanket fort using bed sheets (fitted sheets work great because they can naturally hook on things), comforters, pillows galore and any other creature comfort you can think up.


Perfect blanket fort movie: The Goonies


A Make-Shift Drive-in Movie Theater

If you really want to kick your home movie theater experience up a notch, then you can make your very own drive-in theater. Using the side of your house (if it’s a light enough color) or a strung up white sheet, some lawn chairs, an affordable projector (you can find decent ones on the cheap online), a computer, small but powerful portable speakers and a beautiful night, you can transform your backyard into your personal drive-in. Go above and beyond for kids by creating cardboard cars for them to sit in. Oh, and don’t forget the ice cream and popsicles!


Perfect makeshift drive-in movie: The Sandlot


Who needs a movie theater when you can make your own with these fun home theater hacks, right?! So what are you waiting for? Start planning movie night at your house. You’ve got the tips and tricks; the hardest part now will be picking the perfect movie!

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