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Summer Activities Your Family Will Love

By Dillon Wallace

That final school bell is getting closer and closer to ringing, preparing to unleash summer yearnings to children across the country. And if you don’t have any fun summer activities or trips planned for your soon-to- be school free children, you could be in for a looooooong summer.

That’s why we’re here to make sure you’ve got the summer scoop on activities your family will love. Get ready to make this summer one to remember … much like the back-to- school date you’ve already got memorized and the countdown that goes with it.

Drive-in movies

As a kid, it’s hard to top going to the drive-in. Watching Hollywood’s latest blockbusters while staying up late (in public no less) and eating all the junk food and drinking all the soda you can gulp down. It’s every child’s dream. With family-friendly movies playing all summer long, it’s easy to see why the drive-in continues to be an all-American family tradition.



It’s simple. Kids love animals. Animals live at the zoo. That makes zoos one of the most popular summer attractions across the country. From penguins and hippos to snakes and tigers, zoos are fun for the whole family. After all, how often do you get to see a koala in your day to day.mNever. Unless you live in Australia. So visit the zoo and have a g’day, mate!



They may not be as cute and cuddly as the furry zoo mammals, but gazing at fish and co. is a fun and fascinating experience the whole family can enjoy and learn from. Watch mesmorizing schools of bright colored salt water fish swim or roll of your sleeves and splash around in the stingray pool.



Don’t let the stigma fool your kids into thinking museums are lame. Instead, find one that appeals to their tastes. Got a sports fan? Take them to a baseball museum. Have an art lover? Take them to an exhibit. There are literally museums for everything, from miniature toys to the largest ball of yarn, find the one that’s right for you and your family.


Mini golf

The best part about mini golf is that you don’t have to be a golfer. With so many different hole themes and obstacles that stand between you and sinking that winning putt, mini golf is a timeless game for all ages and expertise. And if you haven’t tried cosmic mini golf … you’re missing out. Just saying.


Amusement park

Rollercoasters. Funnel cakes. Games. More rollercoasters. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Baseball game

It’s summer and that means peanuts, cracker jacks and baseball! Even if you’re not a huge fan of America’s great game, the experience is well worth the price of admission. Have your kids bring their baseball gloves in hopes of catching a foul ball. The anticipation alone should keep them entertained for at least a few innings. And if they get bored (it is baseball after all), you can always feed them all the hot dogs and soda they can stomach.


Okay, so maybe you’ve got a busy summer and not enough full days to tackle some of the  above activities. No biggie. Try subbing in some of these events that may be shorter on time but
just as big on fun.


  • Picnic in the park – Find a beautiful slab of park grass, bring a basket full of food and enjoy some lunch in the sun.
  • Flash light tag – kids will be kids but that doesn’t mean the adults can’t get in on the action. Get your family and friends together and play a friendly game of tag in the dark.
  • Bowling – Bumpers or not, bowling is always a blast. Nothing stirs up a little friendly competition like a strike … followed by a gutter ball.
  • Catch fireflies – With the summer comes warm weather and with warm weather comes bugs. But wait! Not all bugs are foes. Summer nostalgia is in full force when it comes to catching glowing fireflies.
  • Blow bubbles – Kids love them. Adults love them. Everyone loves them, so blow away!


From extended vacations to playing tag in the backyard, whatever summer fun brings to you and your family, just make sure you spend it together.



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