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Hotels vs. Airbnbs

By Mollee Shannon

Locating Your Lodgings

During the vacation season, there’s no shortage of industry for travel, food, and fun. As with most things today, there’s an app for that, and one of those apps is Airbnb. Airbnb provides travelers an alternative to a traditional hotel stay and a litany of rental spaces on privately owned properties, from private rooms in swanky downtown apartments to entire flats in quaint villages throughout the United States and many countries throughout the world. However, many travelers appreciate the measurable expectation of a room in a chain hotel, where your quality stay is guaranteed and the staff are at your service. You can easily make your decision by considering cost, convenience, and the overall character desired for your foray into adventure.

Cost Considerations

One of the novelties of the Airbnb is often the reduced cost of securing lodgings for a trip. While a hotel room can cost from $100 to several hundred dollars depending on location and luxury, the same quality lodging can often be acquired via Airbnb. It’s perfect for travelers on a budget! You have the option to rent an entire space, or just a private room. In either case, most Airbnb hosts offer access to a kitchen. Perhaps you’d like to grab some fresh ingredients from the farmer’s market and whip up some local flavor on your own! The space and utilities available in an Airbnb rental make this possible. Not to mention, the savings are greater when preparing your own meals instead of dining out, allowing you to save your travel budget for attractions and activities!

On the other hand, an Airbnb in a high demand area can be more expensive than a hotel, if you’re a person who really values privacy. Perhaps after a long day, you’d like nothing more than a hot shower in a private space. Renting an entire apartment or flat can double or triple the cost of lodging, if sharing an apartment with strangers isn’t on your bucket list! You may have better luck finding a nice private room in a hotel where you can hang that complementary “Do Not Disturb” sign without the worry of dividing up in-door real estate with the home owners!

Conceptualizing Convenience

An Airbnb offers more than your home’s cozy amenities. Staying with locals can be even better than even a seasoned concierge! Do you want to know the best place for Mediterranean appetizers or the shop with the most unique wine selection? Your Airbnb hosts are sure to point you in the right direction! Who can better make recommendations, explain the quickest routes, or give you the underground run-down of the city than the people who tread those tracks daily? Often Airbnb hosts are walking, talking Zagat guides with a personalized touch!

However, if you love coming into a freshly cleaned hotel room after your daily adventures, you may prefer the convenience of a hotel. Hotels provide the convenience of utilitarian items, such as hair dryers, clothing irons, and shower supplies. Who doesn’t love the luxury maid service? Fresh linens on a pristinely made bed and a stack of fluffy, flawless towels is a great comfort after a long day on the vacation scene. Room service and on-site dining provide an additional convenience for late-night cravings, and the front desk has got you covered if you’ve forgotten your toothbrush.

Touring the Township

If you’re traveling to a well-loved location, you might consider an Airbnb to experience the location in a new and exciting way. As a tourist, you see local attractions found online and in pamphlets, but an Airbnb can offer a unique opportunity to experience your chosen vacation spot like a local! Traveling in and out of crowded downtown areas to residential neighborhoods provides a distinctive encounter with the city you may otherwise miss when staying in a hotel in a tourist area. Meandering down the streets without the overflow of tourists may allow you to discover a city’s delightful quirks, that hole-in-the-wall restaurant, or that beautiful park!

Although, if you’re visiting a vacation spot for the first time, you might prefer a traditional hotel stay. Hotels are usually located in opportune places that allow you to access all of the best tourist attractions with ease and expediency. You’re sure to be within walking distance of all the best activities, or at least just a taxi ride away! So if you arrive ready for all the high-energy sites and sounds of a city, a hotel located in the thick of the excitement might be best for you!

Overall, considering cost, convenience, and character can help you decide which type of lodging is best for you! Bon voyage!

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