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Summer Vacation Spots

By Dillon Wallace

“Summer, summer, summertime

Time to sit back and unwind”

- DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

“Summertime and the living’s easy”

- Sublime

Will Smith and Sublime clearly respected the spirit of summer with their classic 90s “Summertime” hits. But while summer is the perfect time to relax and live the easy life, it’s also the perfect time to go on vacation.

Whether you’re off to somewhere tropical, somewhere historical or somewhere in between, vacation is always a little better in the summer.

Check out some of the best summer vacation spots for you to soak up that warm mid-year fun in the sun.

Miami, Florida

Call it cliche if you want to but that doesn’t stop visitors from flocking to Miami every summer for months on end. It’s the perfect blend of easy beach living and epic nightlife.

Catalina Island, California

Whether it’s Los Angelens looking to escape the city smog or tourists searching for that perfect summer getaway, Catalina Island doesn’t disappoint. There are beautiful beaches, charming campgrounds, roaming buffalo (yeah, for real - they were left there after filming of a 1924 movie), and if you want an upscale vibe, there’s the ritzy Mediterranean-inspired city of Avalon.

Ocean City, Maryland

To make sure all corners of the U.S. are getting some summer love on this list, Ocean City makes the cut. It’s not going to wow you with the nightlife of Miami, but this charming northeastern beach is like something out of Nicholas Sparks book – quaint, peaceful and and just the right amount of sappiness.

Bora Bora

If you had to visually convey the perfect tropical vacation spot, you’d open your eyes and be in Bora Bora. With adorable bungalows that jet out into the turquoise lagoons, surrounded by a circular coral reef, Bora Bora is what summer vacation dreams are made of … seriously.


This city has grown so exponentially over the last few decades it seems like it has everything for tourists to enjoy – and then some. From luxurious 7-star hotel stays and sitting atop the world in Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in existence to strolling the world’s largest shopping mall, even skiing indoors. Dubai has everything your heart could desire.


For decades Hawaii has been one of the top vacation spots, particularly for Americans. It’s the closest thing we can visit to an exotic country without needing our passports. And with so many islands to hop to and water activities to do and beautiful sights to behold, Hawaii will continue to be a top vacation spot for decades to come.

United Kingdom

You may not feel like trading beautiful beaches and sunshine for rainy and overcast highlands is an adequate tradeoff, but that’s where you’re wrong. Ireland, Scotland and London offer tourists some of the most amazing castles and pubs still in existence. With so much history in such a condensed area, there’s no denying the celtic charm of the UK.

Wherever those glorious two and a half months take you this summer, it’s sure to be great. Because summer is all about new experiences and spending time with loved ones. So whether your vacation is a place on this list or your own desired destination, make sure it’s one for the books.

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