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Top 5 Beaches to Visit Before Summer Is Over

By Dillon Wallace

Head to the beach before heading back to school

Summer vacation. It never seems long enough whether you’re a kid or an adult. But before that first bell sounds signaling another fresh year hitting the books, you and your family have still got some summer sunlight left to catch those freedom waves and rays.


That’s right, it’s already August and school may be starting in less than a week or two, and that’s what makes it the perfect time to end summer with a bang?


Here are five beach musts for your family to consider before summer is over.


The Outer Banks – North Carolina

Also known as OBX, the Outer Banks serve as a double family draw because they not only offer sprawling beaches with plenty of surf and sunshine, but they’re rich in history. OBX is where the Wright brothers took their infamous first flight; where pirate Blackbeard fought his final battle; and home to the mystery that surrounds the Lost Colony’s disappearance. So if you’re looking for a little history lesson prep course before history class is in full session, scope out OBX for some past and present memories.


Maui – Hawaii

A last-minute summer vacation in Hawaii doesn’t really need any incentive, after all, IT’S HAWAII, but in case you need a reminder of just how majestic this state is, here you go. Maui is like the Golilocks of Hawaii – not too large like the Big Island or as small as Lanai, and it’s not too bustling as Oahu or quiet as Kauai. With a wide spread of fun on tap, Maui offers families impressive wildlife, history, culture, hula dancers, volcano tours, coastal golf courses and of course beautiful beaches. What else do you need?!


Destin – Florida

Known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” Destin offers more than just reeling in the catch of the day. As one of the most popular vacation spots in the Florida Panhandle, Destin provides vacation-goers an intimate and friendly atmosphere with gorgeous white shores made of Appalachian quartz that stay cool in the hot summer heat. And while dad ventures off for a quick round of golf, the kids can enjoy spectacular waterparks, snorkeling, and of course, great fishing.


Sanibel Island – Florida

What?! Did you think Florida would only make the list once? Sanibel Island is considered one of the more low-key and quaint vacation spots in panhandle country. If walking the beach and collecting troves of sparkling and ornate sea shells sounds fun, then SI is your dream come true. Its abundant number of seashells has become the island’s claim to fame. While you’re not performing the “Sanibel stoop” to pick up your next take-home seashell keepsake, you’ll love scoping out the Periwinkle Way galleries, restaurants and shops that make this little vacation escape as laid-back as it is.


Santa Barbara – California

Santa Barbara was once supposed to be the “Hollywood” epicenter before the movie stars all moved south to Los Angeles. And although it may have lost its movie-making industry charm, SB still retains a casual yet fashionable elegance, albeit a tad pricey. From playgrounds and beach volleyball to its acclaimed zoo and boutique shops, Santa Barbara is a seaside haven awaiting your visit.


So before you pack their backpacks with notepads and school gear, make sure to pack their travel bags with swimsuits and sunscreen as you set course for one of these glamorous beach side paradises.

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