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Summer Bucket List

By Dillon Wallace

Long, warm days filled with sunshine, the smell of freshly cut grass and the pitter patter of people enjoying the outdoors is what summer is all about. And it’s just about here.

But why limit yourself to just the typical summer activities when you can put create the ultimate summer bucket list and get the most out everyone’s favorite time off.

Picnic in the park

Summers and parks are synonymous. But what you do at the park can take the time spent there up another level. Having a picnic at the park with your boo or your family can cut through the monotony of summer cookouts and eating out (not that there’s anything wrong with either). Picnics though are age-old traditions that help connect us to each other and mother nature. Grab a blanket, a basket, favorite food and your loved ones and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Attend an outside concert

Live music is food for the ears. Live music at an outdoor venue is food for the soul, and there’s no better time to enjoy some tunes outside than in the summer. Whether it’s an outdoor festival with a slew of bands or intimate outdoor venue with a local band, make this summer one where you get out and put your hands in the air.

Find a large body of water

Putting your body in a body of water is a dang good way to cool down from the summer heat. Rent a boat at the lake, take a float trip down a nearby river, or just enjoy a day filled with high dives and cannonballs. Whether it’s a lake, pool, river or ocean, do yourself a favor and make a splash this summer.

Take a vacation

International destination or domestic vacation, summer is the perfect time of year to get out of town and enjoy another place for awhile. For kids, school is out and after a month or so, the tendency to feel pent up with nothing to do in the house starts to boil over. So before the boredom takes full hold of your kids, plan a trip and enjoy a little summer getaway.

Go camping

Summer is all about getting in touch with the great outdoors. And there’s no better way to shake hands with the outside than to go camping. Build a fire, roast some s’mores, tell ghost stories and sleep in a tent – all under the twinkling wonder of the stars.

 Peruse at the zoo

If you can tolerate the hordes of humans, the zoo is at its peak during the summer months. The warmer temps tend to bring out more of the animals, making those tough to spot mammals (looking at you lions) more accessible. Plus, there’s Dip n’ Dots … what else do you really need?

Park at the drive-in

The drive-in was made for summer viewing. Watch a marathon of the biggest summer blockbusters on the huge outdoor screen with friends and family. Tailgating or breaking out the lawn chairs at the drive-in on a beautiful summer evening is the perfect way to watch a movie or movies … if you’re able to stay awake for the double (sometimes triple) feature.

Summer is nearly here,  but it’ll be gone before you even know it. So, start checking off your summer bucket list activities before it’s too late. Get out there and enjoy your three months of warm sunshiney bliss. Just make sure you’re rocking that sunscreen … thanks, mom.

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