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Spring Cleaning Guide

By Shelby Burr

Happy Spring! Now that we are all enjoying warmer temperatures, blooming and budding plants, and sunnier days - we can officially say that we are in Spring. And what comes with Spring exactly?

Yes, April showers bring May flowers….and May flowers bring Spring Cleaning!
Listen, we’ve all been there. The weather gets warmer, we start moving, and all the settled dust sitting on our things shifts in the air. That’s when we begin to notice that it’s time to declutter, time to rearrange, and time to organize. Yes, this may feel like a chore, but we found the best way to make Spring cleaning loads of fun. So, let’s begin!


Spring Cleaning Playlist

Yep, a little music can go a long way! So, spice up your cleaning with some tunes. Whether you’re listening to some oldies rock n’ roll, busting the speakers to some 2000s pop or playing a setlist that has some funny puns to cleaning, either way, you will have way more fun.

Make a Scavenger Hunt

How do you do that? Well, I bet you’ll come across some items that you totally forgot about, or maybe you’ve been looking for since 2019. So, create a fun list that you can check off throughout the day! Here are a few examples:

  • Do an entire list using the alphabet! Find an item that starts with A, an item that starts with B, etc. 
  • Create a list that is somewhat like a treasure hunt:
    • Find something from your high school
    • Put away something that you’ve been looking for weeks
    • Re-decorate by adding in one old item and one new item
  • A checklist for each room
    • Get rid of at least 10 items from the living room
    • Donate at least one bag of clothes to our local goodwill or charity
    • Go through all books and movies and donate at least 5 of each

Speaking of finding treasure

Enjoy Your Trip Down Memory Lane

As you start to spring clean your home, you will come across memories. Fond memories. Don’t panic when you find a box full of tapes, reels or photos. Those are priceless! You don’t have to throw those away. Just be mindful of your memories: the longer those memories sit in the dust or taped up in a box, the sooner they will fade. 

One great Spring cleaning tip is to gather all of those memories in a safe place and begin the process of digitizing your memories! Southtree can help with exactly that. It’s easy, way easier than some spring cleaning tasks! All you have to do is place your items in the Southree box that is shipped right to your door. Next, fill your Stouthree box with your memories and ship. Yep, that easy. Southtree will have their professional digitizing team transfer all of your memories into digital formats: CDs, DVDs, Thumb Drive and the cloud. Plus, they’ll send all of your originals back and your new digital formatted memories! See...that easy. 

Just Have Fun

We know that it may not seem like fun, but Spring cleaning can actually be really enjoyable when done with the right mindset! And we all know how awesome that feeling is when your home is clean, everything's in its place and you won’t have to think about doing that again until next year. You got this. Enjoy uncovering special family or childhood memories, enjoy going through old things that spark fun past times, enjoy the brightness of Spring and all the happiness it brings. 

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