The Best Way to Package Your Memories

Since you — our customers — are packing and shipping precious Polaroid pictures and unreplicable 8mm films, we want to help ensure they’re safely tucked away during their journey to our doorstep. Here are some packing tips to avoid damage:

  1. Select a sturdy box. Make sure there are no holes or tears in the cardboard and that the material is durable. You’ll want it to fit appropriately — too big will allow the packed material to move around, therefore more susceptible to damage; and too small of a box would force material to be crammed inside, also increasing the risk of damage (not to mention probably ripping the box).
  2. Organize everything. Make sure that all included taps, photos etc. are labeled as you’d like. If you’d like videos to be in a certain order, make sure you include numbers.
  3. Seal all photographs and slide into sealable plastic bags.
  4. Surround any loose items with bubble wrap.
  5. Weigh your box. If it’s over 25 pounds, you might want to consider divvying the material up into two boxes, rather than one. Make sure the box is labeled correctly, and send it our way!

To make sure your irreplaceable photos and films don’t get messed up in the mail, take a few extra minutes to double-check the safety of your packaged items. If they get to us safely, we promise to return them to you in that same high quality condition.