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Top 10 Wacky Holidays in March You Didn't Know Existed

By Christian Roemer

If you look at the month of March on a traditional calendar, you’ll see that it’s pretty bare as far as holidays go. It has 31 boring days, no public holidays to speak of, and the tail end of winter is probably dumping its last gasp of snow onto your town.

But what if we look elsewhere for our March fun? What if there’s a whole world of incredibly awesome and wacky holidays that probably won’t ever make it onto the official government calendar, but are fun and easy to celebrate nonetheless? That’s the kind of holiday that we like, and these are our favorite March days worth...umm...reflecting upon.

Peanut Butter Lovers Day (March 1)

I love chicken, but I also love peanut butter. This is a great time for me to run to the store, grab some celery and peanut butter, and veg out on the couch. Whether you like creamy, crunchy, or flavored peanut butter (you heathens), celebrate this creamy concoction during this very deserving holiday.

Employee Appreciation Day (March 2)

If you’re a boss or manager, you might not tell your employees every day how much you appreciate them. Change that on March 2nd during Employee Appreciation Day! Whether you take them to lunch, buy them some candy, or just write a nice letter about how thankful you are for them, employee appreciation day is a great time to make sure that no good work goes unnoticed.

If Pets Had Thumbs Day (March 3)

I have no idea what this holiday actually entails, but I like it anyway. Everyone knows that thumbs make primates special, but what if your cat had thumbs and could give you a thumbs up when he was psyched on his new tuna food? That would be awesome.

Be Nasty Day (March 8th)

This holiday is what would happen if the purge was a PG movie. Be Nasty Day is when you can throw your politeness to the wind and let out some of that negative emotion. Just make sure that anyone you’re nasty to knows that it’s not personal; you’re just an ardent observer of this relatively obscure holiday.

Middle Name Pride Day (March 10)

Some people are embarrassed about their middle name. My middle name is Troy, which I think is pretty cool. This is the day where everyone can display their middle names loud and proud.


Poultry Day (March 16th)

I love chicken. I could eat chicken every day of the week, every week of the year. This is my kind of holiday. I could start the day with a chicken biscuit, eat some chicken tenders for lunch, then top off the day with chicken wings at night. This holiday is perfect!


Extraterrestrial Abductions Day (March 20)

We’re not really fans of being abducted by alien creatures to be probed and experimented upon, but if it’s your thing, this is the day to request it. Send out some brain waves to the universe and get abducted. Why not?

National Goof Off Day (March 22)

As a reformed class down, most days for me were national goof off day. If you’re a little more reserved, it’s nice to let go and be a little wacky for a day. This holiday is great for unbuttoning the top button, letting your hair down, or just telling a couple of fun jokes. Not every day has to be serious, and March 22nd is a great time to let loose

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (March 26)

This holiday gets bonus points for added creativity and flexibility. It’s like an Ad Lib for holidays. The only limitation is your brain and your ability to think outside of the box. I’ve personally always wanted a “Christian Roemer gets a free million dollars holiday,” so maybe this is the year!

Take a Walk in the Park Day (March 30)

A couple of weeks ago, we learned about how important it is to get out into nature and walk around a little bit. This holiday helps give you the kick in the pants you need to make it happen.

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