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What If I Have More Items Than the Box I Ordered?

By Elaine Elliott

Did you already order your Southtree kit for a specific set of items when you realized you want to digitize additional media? Oftentimes our customers find more tapes, photos, or film than they thought they had after rummaging through old boxes and scrapbooks.

Even if you already ordered your Southtree kit, we have a solution to this dilemma! 

No matter what type of media you’re looking to digitize, we make sure you can convert a few more memories just in case. We include extra safety item barcodes in all of our tape, photo, film, and audio boxes.


If you ordered a 10 piece tape kit, you’ll be able to digitize extra tapes using these additional barcode stickers. Same goes for a 250 piece photo kit, 2 piece film kit, and so on and so forth.


When you open the welcome kit, you’ll see prepaid green barcode stickers labeled “Included item $0.” You’ll use these stickers on every item you want digitized. If you still have more media after using up all of these barcodes, then you can start using the red barcode stickers labeled “Add On item.” We always include a couple extra add-on barcodes per box.


When the package is returned to our digitizing facility, we will account for the add-on items and send an email and invoice to notify you of the final payment. No need to call or inform us prior to returning the package.


All in all, there’s no need to stress if you find a couple extra keepsakes you want to digitize! Our red add-on barcodes can accommodate these requests.

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