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Where Did Travelers Visit Most in 2019?

By Shelby Burr

2019, what a year! As we recap all the fun and eventful things that took place, one thing to wonder is where did people travel most in 2019?

There are tons of great cities, countries and sights to see all over the world, so it’s hard to pick just one awesome spot! That’s why we picked a top list of the most visited places in the world!

WARNING: You will experience some serious wanderlust reading this list. And you won’t regret visiting these places.


First on the list! The was the most visited place to visit in the year of 2019. It has also been the top most visited place 4 years and counting! WOW! What’s so great about it? Well, it’s filled with ornate shrines and vibrant street life. Not to mention boat-filled rivers feed into a network of canals all over the royal district. Plus, it’s home to opulent Grand Palace and it’s sacred Wat Phra Kaew Temple! 

How many people visited this past year? 22.78 Million.


Of course Paris is on the list! This has always been a number one destination for many. The food, the Eiffel tower, the fashion. France is a place of romance and adventure! Whether it was for vacation, a family visit or for a honeymoon, but a grand total of 19.01 Million people visited this past year! 


Thirsty for a nice, hot cup of tea? Maybe a quick stroll around Big Ben and possibly (fingers crossed) a glimpse at the Queen herself? London is calling! London is a fantastic and very popular travel destination. From great food, great sight seeing and lively atmosphere, this is a great go to place! No wonder 19.09 Million people visited in 2019!

New York

That’s right! New York made it on the top list of most visited destinations in 2019. The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps...there is so much that New York has to offer that will always bring folks back for a visit. There was a total of 13.6 million people that visited New York in 2019.

Antalya, Turkey

Caught you by surprise, didn’t we?! This is one special destination that not many people think of. Well, 12.41 million people thought of it the year of 2019 and visited! Why? Beautiful, crystal clear beaches, it was historically once a major Roman port and Dolphin land. Yep, that’s right. Dolphin land exists in Antalya where you and your family can enjoy swimming and engaging with Dolphins. 

2019 was a great year with great memories! Are you ready to create new memories in 2020? This year, travel more! Allow yourself to experience new and beautiful destinations and to create great memories with your loved ones. Who knows, you might end up visiting the the top best places of 2020!

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