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Where You Should go this Winter to Escape the Cold

By Dillon Wallace

There are two types of people in the world. Those that bundle up to embrace the frigid clutches of cold and the rest of us who desperately want the warmth of spring to shine back into our lives. You know, the three seasoners – spring, summer, fall, repeat. 

The good news is that you’re in that three seasoners category, don’t have to fight the freeze all winter long.
In fact, if you’re yearning for a beach, here’s a few sun-kissed spots you might want to consider for your winter cold getaway.



What sounds more pleasant in freezing winter temperatures than 75-80 degree weather all year long? Well, in the Bahamas, that’s what you get – consistently beautiful weather, whenever. Better yet, hurricane season goes from summer to fall, so during the winter you should be free to plant yourself lazily on the beach and soak in paradise.



If you can endure a plane ride just shy of 20 hours, then Australia is the perfect place to escape winter. It’s like summer down under with temperatures that range from 70-90 degrees. And there’s never the fear of running out of things to do. From the Great Barrier Reef to iconic architecture like the Sydney Opera House, there’s plenty to explore, mate.


Costa Rica

This little Central American destination is a tourist hot spot, and we’re not just talking about temperature. With so many adventurous things to partake in from white water rafting and ziplining to nature tours and beach lounging, Costa Rica has all you need to make your non-winter dreams a reality.



Want the opposite of a winter wonderland? Visit Morocco during the winter and enjoy a tour of the beautifully temperatured and scenic Sahara Desert. Normally, it’s unbearably hot in the summer, but in the winter you’re looking at around a perfect 70 degrees.


Baja California

If you’re looking to get away this winter but also stay close to the states, then a winter trip to Baja California will do the trick. From amazing vineyards in Guadalupe to exhilarating nightlife in Ensenada, Baja California has plenty of hot spots to keep you welcomed, warmed and energized.



Looking for an awesome Asian experience at an affordable price? Thailand has you covered. Whether you’re looking for an energized city scene in Bangkok or lounge-worthy beaches in Koh Lanta or Koh Chang, Thailand has the history, the culture and the scenery to make you forget all about the cold winter back home.



December brings the wettest and coldest time of year to Bali, but it’s still Bali and that means lots of great surf, quiet beaches (end of peak tourist season) and everything else you need from an exotic Asian island. “Cold season” in December for them is more like a cool paradise to most of us stateside.


And what’s a winter getaway without snapping a massive amount of travel pics?! I mean, if you didn’t take a picture of it and post it, did it ever even happen? Maybe you’ve even got a shoe box full of old family vacation pics or videotapes that you’d like digitized. We can help you relive those past paradise memories!


Wherever you decide to venture off this winter for a little warm R&R, make sure you soak up that sun and make everyone back home jealous when you return with a nice winter tan.

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