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Decorating your Home for Summer

By Katy Sommerfeld

Summertime is the season for sunshine, warmth, and all things bright and happy. Whether you’re heading out to the beach or having a staycation, promises of time off are on the horizon. The days are longer, which gives us all the little boost of energy that we need around the middle of the year. Kids are out of school and everyone is outside enjoying the rays and the breeze. It’s the season of lemonade and laughter, rest and relaxation. The peace and tranquility that summer brings ushers in a renewed sense of adventure and fun, and there’s nothing like fresh, summery decor to fill your home with the lightness and warmth of the season.

Summer 2019 is the summer of citrus. Citrus-printed clothing and decor are stocked on shelves everywhere, and people are posing for pics with their cute, tangerine-print dress on or showcasing their new lemon-tree portrait hanging in their dining room. Instead of spending a fortune on this new trend, why not create something citrusy yourself to spice up your home?

This lemon centerpiece is absolutely beautiful and incredibly simple to make. Set it on your dining room table and you’ll have guests asking about it at your next dinner party.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cake platter (optional as a stand for the centerpiece)
  • Grapevine wreath
  • Citrus-scented candle
  • Vase (large enough to hold the candle)
  • Faux magnolia leaf sprays
  • Faux lemons
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

Step one

Arrange the faux magnolia leaf sprays and faux lemons on the grapevine wreath in the desired fashion. You can stick the ends of the magnolia sprays into the wreath to give them extra hold.


Step two

Glue down all the faux leaf sprays and faux lemons in place using the glue gun until the grapevine wreath is covered entirely.


Step three

Place the vase inside the center of the wreath on your dining table. Place the candle inside the vase. Use a long-reach lighter to light the candle. If desired, you can place the entire arrangement atop a cake platter to give your centerpiece height.

In three easy steps, you’ll have the most beautiful, summer citrus centerpiece! This summer, surround yourself with bright and happy pieces such as this to maximize the good feelings that summer brings every year.

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