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The Wanderlust Destination List

By Dillon Wallace

With the close of the decade fast approaching, it’s time to up the ante on next year’s resolutions. So, for 2019, it’s go big or go home … and by home I mean on vacation with one (or more) of these amazing wanderlust getaways.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s industrial areas have been revamped to cater to a booming food scene and craft market. With a new Danish Architectural Centre of culture, one of the world’s oldest theme parks and a new artificial ski slope and hiking area atop a waste management center (yes, you read that right), Copenhagen has got the reduce and reuse mantra down.

Novi Sad, Serbia

It might not be as prominently known as the capital, Belgrade, but Novi Sad is on the up. Nicknamed the “Athens of Serbia,” it’s quickly becoming the hippest place in the country thanks to its annual EXIT Festival and vibrant arts and music scene. Next year, Novi Sad will be 2019’s European Youth Capital, celebrating culture, livelihood and more.

Shenzhen, China

Don’t let the fact that Shenzhen isn’t the capital fool you. Shenzhen is making its case for “must visit” future city with is hyper modern-like architecture and innovative eco practices. And don’t forget about the speed rail that connects it to Hong Kong.

Kathmandu, Nepal

If “doorstep to the Himalayas” doesn’t sell you on Kathmandu, then you’re not living right. With jaw-dropping medieval architecture, amazing cuisine and a thriving nightlife – not to mention a virility for wellness – Kathmandu is a sight to see!

Zadar, Croatia

Beaches, archeological museums, Kornati National Park, and historically wowing churches, Zadar is a place of beauty, particularly in its architecture and sightseeing. Don’t miss out on this gem for your 2019 escape.

Seattle, Washington

Home of the newly finished Amazon corporate offices (an architectural spectacle in its own right), Seattle boasts an amazing foodie scene topped with lush beaches, great mountains and a culture that’s always up for adventure. Seattle is an American destination for 2019!


Want to witness a scene that looks like something from a fairytale? Norway’s picturesque landscape looks like something out of a painting. Check out the Lofton Islands, visit the beautiful town of Bergen, go iceberg hunting in the Svalbard Islands or check out jaw-dropping waterfalls in Geirangerfjord. Wherever you go in Norway, you win.

Reykjavik, Iceland

With some amazing similarities to Norway’s fairy tale landscape, Iceland offers an array of amazing, once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Visit black sand beaches, gaze at the Northern Lights, explore ice caverns – even snorkel between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.

Dekar, Senegal

West Africa is a safari dream. Beaming with elegance and chaos, the busy metropolis offers tourists vibrant markets, happening nightlife and nearby beaches on Isle de Goree for a little R&R. Don’t forget the delectable food, infused with French and Lebanese influences.

Costa Rica

If adventure is what you’re looking for on your vacation, then you’ve found it here. Go white water rafting, conquer your fear of heights with amazing zip-lining excursions, take a guided nature walk and spot all sorts of wildlife in their natural habitat, and eat pineapple by the handful. What’s not to love?

Yep, 2019 is looking pretty fantastic if you’re looking for an excuse to temporarily leave your job back home and turn your phone off for a while. Just make sure that you’re not leaving the camera at home, too because these are memories you won’t want to forget. And speaking of memories, if you’ve got a box full of old family vacation film and photos, send those in to get them digitized. Some adventures only come once in a lifetime, don’t let them fade away with time.

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