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Fun Activities for the Family While You're Stuck at Home

By Mollee Shannon

If you’ve been stuck at home since mid-March, you are definitely getting a bit restless!

But being at home with family can still be plenty of fun for you and your loved ones!
Here are some great ideas for some socially distanced fun with family and friends! 


Friends and Family Game Night on Zoom 

One of the hardest parts of staying home is missing friends and family that made our pre-pandemic social lives interesting and exciting! There are plenty of ways to stay connected in this digital age, so all you need is a Zoom account! Zoom allows your family to meet online for a family game night! You can play some of those old classics, like Pictionary or Charades! You’ll have to get a little creative with game play, but you’ll feel almost as if you’re gathered around the same table for a night of laughter! 


Take a Virtual Vacation 

Your body may be stuck at home, but your brain doesn’t have to be! Use this opportunity to take some virtual vacations! You might even find a new locale to visit in the future! Take turns choosing a place you’ve always wanted to go, or a favorite vacation spot from the past! Travel via Google Earth to see real satellite footage of pristine beaches and majestic mountains! Hey, you might even want to take out those old family photos and videos of bygone adventures, and you can always set those aside for digitizing at Southtree! 


Become a Culinary Master 

Okay, “master” might be a bit of a stretch, but this is a fantastic time to try out some new recipes! Let each person choose a new food or a new take on an old favorite. Add some spice to dinner with family time in the kitchen. You might be surprised by a new favorite! You can even make it a bit more zesty with some competition, letting the family vote on a new favorite at the end of each week! It will be just like your favorite cooking competition show, but you’ll probably have to provide your own prize money! 


Organize a Remote Movie Night 

Our favorite shows and movies just aren’t as exciting without our friends and family there to pass the popcorn! There are great extensions you can download for your web browser.

that will allow you so sync Netflix accounts and have a remote watch party! The best part is the popcorn is way more reasonably priced, and you can pause the movie for bathroom breaks! It’s the great experience of seeing a movie with friends, without the hassle! 


Start That Media Organization Project 

You’ve probably found yourself with more time on your hands at home than ever before so that media digitizing project you’ve wanted to is the time! Take your photos out of those shoeboxes and collect all those family home movies! Sending your media to Southtree to be digitized is the perfect project for hanging out at home with the family. You’re sure to remember fondly those times when we could gather and enjoy your memories. Your digitized media will be a great gift to yourself, and you can even order copies to send to your loved ones, spreading the joy to friends and family, without spreading germs! Why wait? Take out those photo slides, negatives, tapes, and prints, and see what forgotten treasures await you! 

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