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Stocking Stuffer Ideas

By Mollee Shannon

With the holidays upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how Santa will stuff the stockings on the fireplace flue come Christmas Eve! What are some of this year’s best stocking stuffers? We’ve got the inside info!

For the tech lover in your life: 


  • A power bank. Need to charge on the go? Power banks now come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find anything from a simple black cylinder shaped bank, to one sparkly unicorn for the younger or more whimsical in your life.

  • A wireless mouse. These come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and price ranges. With online learning in our near future, we don’t have to be stuck with the limitations of a trackpad. 

  • A mini Polaroid-style camera. They are great for a bit of fun at a holiday party. Snap a pic, and take it home as a party favor. 

  • A basic black and white eReader will be the best choice for the bibliophile in your life. 

  • A keyfinder for your  loved one who's always lost their keys. Click it onto their keychain, and you’ll never have to dig in the couch cushions again! 



              Thinking Local: 

              This Christmas, think about supporting local businesses, like yours truly, Southtree


              • Consider a fresh jar of honey from your local apiary, for when those seasonal allergies become just a bit too much! 

              • A personalized stationery set from your favorite Etsy shop will keep you in touch with your best pen pals! 

              • Your bestie might love a pair of customized fuzzy socks, complete with their favorite pet’s photos. 

              • Tons of local artists are even painting portraits of your favorite furry friends. Just send a PNG of your favorite pet photo, and get back a hand painted photo of your pet to hang over the mantle, or post at the office. 

              • Traditionally, stockings were stuffed with fresh fruit. Consider a round red apple, or a freshly scented orange! Even a bundle of cinnamon and cranberries will be a fragrant and delightful treat.

              • Or, don’t forget Southtree’s eDeal. The eDeal is as simple as click, print, and stuff. These vouchers allow your favorite Christmas Elf to redeem and pack their boxes at their leisure! Give the gift of holiday memories, this year, and you might even give Santa a run with his reindeer.
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