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Tracking Your Order

By Dillon Wallace

Trust us, we get it! You’ve just sent some of your most valuable possessions – your memories – a long way to be digitized, and you want to make sure you’re in the know about their whereabouts throughout the process.


Well, we’ve got you covered!


In addition to our 12 regular email updates notifying you about the conversion happenings of your precious memory cargo, we also offer you the ability to log in and track your order on our website in real time, anytime.


It’s simple. Here’s all you’ve got to do:


Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Go to “My Orders” (up in the top right-hand corner)

Step 3

Type in your order number and email address you used to make your order. Then, hit “Track it!”

Step 4

Check up on your order’s status. 

You can view everything that’s happening on the handy-dandy progress timeline, including everything from date, time, name of person working on your order and a brief description about each step of the process.

Step 5

Sit back and relax while your memories are professionally digitized with care!


Feel free to rinse and repeat these steps as much or little as you’d like, but rest assured that your memories are in good hands. Just think of it like a glorified pizza tracker for your memories, but way better. Because pizza is great but memories are unforgettable.

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