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Southtree - Beginners Guide

By Christian Roemer

Digitization--what on earth is that?

The short of it is this: Southtree takes your home videos, photos, film reels, audio, and more, and we scan them into our computer so that you can look at them on your computer. 

Not too bad!

But how does it work? Is it like a reverse Weird Science where we hijack your photos, put them into a machine and they disintegrate and disperse onto the information superhighway? Do they transform from physical pictures, tapes, and film into green and black blocks of data that then file into our servers? Is it like when the Power Rangers went to hang with Zordon and they fragmented into little multicolored beams of light that zoomed through Southern California and piped into his chimney like 90s teen Santa Clauses?

If only.

Actually, what happens in a nutshell is this: you send us your photos, videos, and audio, we run them through our special scanners, then we send everything back to you with the digital versions on a thumb drive, DVD, or digital download. Your photos and videos come back to you just how you sent them to us. We treat your memories like they were our own, and we keep you updated the whole time. It’s actually really awesome, and it’s really easy.

Step 1: Place your order on - Southtree makes digitization easy. We have really convenient digitization packages to choose from. All you do is let us know how many pictures, videos, film reels or audio tapes you want digitized and place your order. Easy peasy.

Step 2: Pack your box and barcode your media - Once you place your order, we’ll send you a special box for all of your memories. These boxes are specially made to keep your home media safe during shipping. We also send you barcodes to label your stuff so that we can scan it and label it correctly.

Step 2.5 (Optional): Custom label your DVD!

Step 3: Put your box in the mail - Once you’ve packed up your box and properly barcoded your memories, drop the box off at UPS. This is where we take over.

Step 4: Track your order online - Once you’ve dropped off your box, you can track the digitization process the whole way. We’ll let you know where your box is in the mail, when your memories are being digitized, when we’re packing them back up for you, and when you can expect your return box.

Step 5: Receive your media & digital files - We send your tapes, photos, and film reels back to you in impeccable condition. In the box, you’ll get back all of your originals plus your DVD, thumb drive, or URL for your digital download.

Step 6: Share with friends - This the most fun part! Once you get all of your digital files, you can share them with whomever you want. Email them, share them on Instagram, sell them to indie bands for vintage album covers, and more! The choice is yours!

Digitization is a weird, scary sounding word. In reality, it’s simple, painless, and a really fun thing to do. At Southtree, we know it can be intimidating to send us your most valuable (and irreplaceable) possessions. We make the process as easy as possible, and we keep you updated the whole time.

You’ll love getting your old memories digitized with Southtree.

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