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How Long Will the Southtree Process Take?

By Mollee Shannon

We know the excitement of seeing your once analog media or print photos come back to you as digital files. Maybe your old film reels have been sitting in the closet for years and you haven’t had a projector! The anticipation can be too much for us sometimes! Here’s a timeline that provides information on our process and about how long you can expect digitization to take. 

Our Goal - Ten to Twelve Weeks in Our Facility 

Our goal is to complete the process of digitizing your files in ten to twelve weeks, once your items have arrived at our processing facility! That’s pretty fast! The only time this varies is around the Holidays, when we have an increase in volume.


Here are some pieces of the process to consider! 

Shipping, Take One 

Believe us, if we could invent a process that brought your items at warp speed, or teleport your items directly to our facility, we would do it!  As it is, shipping can take between 3 and 6 days. We provide a tracking number, so you can monitor your items’ location in transit the entire way here. We know it can be a bit nerve racking to ship out your memories, but we assure you that safety is our number one goal. That is why we also work with our shipping partners to monitor your items every step of the way! 


Once your items arrive at our facility, our receiving team scans your items, barcode by barcode, to be sure we can all (you included!) track your items through the digitization process. This is where that 6-8 week time frame begins! If we receive a large number of shipments  at once, it may take a couple of business days for your items’ barcodes to generate an email to you, explaining that we have received your box and detailing exactly what we checked in. We process items on a first come, first served basis, so rest assured, your items are constantly under the care of our highly trained technicians, even as they wait in the digitizing queue!  

The Digitizing Process 

You’ll receive an email  notification when your items begin digitizing. One of our amazing technicians will begin processing your old media to digital files. This process can take some time, as we want to ensure that you’ll receive a top quality product! However, we want to assure our amazing clients that we are processing their items as quickly and safely as possible! You can navigate any time to, type in your order number and email address, and locate your items in the facility! Once your items have been processed, our techs will upload your files to your chosen output method: CD’s (audio), DVD’s (video), a flash drive, or a digital download. Digital downloads will come to your email as a link. All other formats will be returned with your originals! 

Shipping, Take Two 

You’ll receive an email when your return shipping label is created! That way you know your package is ready to come back to you! You can track your items all the way home, with peace of mind. Again, this leg of shipping could take about 3-6 business days, and that’s why it’s important to us that you have your tracking number! 

Always There Because We Care! 

If you have any questions about your items or where they are in our process, don’t forget to check your order’s status with the link above. You can also contact one of our super friendly Customer Service Agents! We offer phone support, live chat, and email options to suit your needs! We know that sending out your old media and receiving back digital files can be exciting, so our goal is to process your items as efficiently and safely as possible! 

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